Junk mail:  Wanted Russian Women

So, I get junk mail in the extremes.  It ranges from Sunday school advertisements to Seeking Russian Women Online.  You know…I also get junk mail for Seeking Asian Women.

I would like you to know—I am highly offended.  Why don’t I ever get junk mail asking about Arizona women?

I mean—seriously?  Some of us aren’t so shabby 😉

A single man was telling my husband once how Polish women are the most beautiful women in the world, expecting him to agree.  After all, Polish women, no matter what angle you look at them, are STUNNING!  I can’t get over how one people-group can be so pretty. But back to my story.  My husband looked at his friend and said, “Well I think Arizona girls are the most beautiful!”

Take that, Junk Mail!

Maybe next time include us in your absurdly annoying and constant advertisements.

Or not…

That way we’ll stay hidden treasures.

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