Making Changes…Old habits hard to break.


When you begin to make changes in life, you have to realize that there will be times when you don’t know what to do with your hands.

Smokers that quit often find themselves fiddling with their hands because they are so used to holding their cigarettes.

In today’s modern-world of great technology called smartphones, people that forget their phones for the day often find themselves doing the same.

But when you wear glasses for 10 years and then decide one day to be a wild-one (okay, no one really calls me a wild one) and wear contacts, you find yourself lost.

First of all, I have pushed my imaginary glasses up about 100 times already.

And I have looked for them about 100 more…thinking that I forgot to put them on === even though they are on the bathroom shelf at home, and I am at the office.

Lastly, my eyes still aren’t sure what to do.

Can they see?

Can they focus?

Can they not see?

It’s all a conundrum right now.  More specifically, a conundrum on my face.

But you see, that’s the thing…when we make changes, it’s hard to break old habits.

And it’s hard to see that in breaking old habits, you have the opportunities for new adventures.

If you give up smoking, you have a chance to rebuild your health and save a bottom-load of money.

If you give up glasses and try contacts, you have an opportunity to wear sunglasses.

Sometimes old habits are hard to break—but new beginnings are so bright you’ve gotta wear shades!



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