Be aware of prepackaged meats

Hi my 2 Makes Crazy Readers…It’s me—Brooke.  The majority of the crazy—I normally try and post allergy-related posts on the site I write at in regards to my son and traversing this horrible field of food allergies, but this post should be shared with more people out there—and more parents.  It’s REALLY hard being a parent of a food-allergy child.  Like super duper hard.  And sometimes we think…Ah, just a little taste will be okay.

But it’s not.  And when we get lazy—our kids get sick.

The other day, I gave in and my son suffered the horrible consequences because of it.

I hope that my honesty will help you (or your family/friends/teachers/and so forth) understand that there is no such thing as “maybe this is okay” …because little lives depend on us.

Below the photo is the link to my post.  But I will also attach another link to another mom post who had a similar (but because it was peanut reaction—worse) experience like mine.

I ask that you please read both posts—because we need to be reminded, collectively as a village, that food allergies are VERY UNFORTUNATELY real and scary and potentially deadly.

So, please.  Please read and go forth with greater awareness and understanding…and perhaps even a bit more compassion for those of us out there that have to watch every single crumb.  It’s tough and sucks—but our kiddos are worth it.

And we want you to fight this battle with us!

Thank you!


Source: Be aware of prepackaged meats

(please click the above “Be aware of prepackaged meats” for the first article about my son)

Second article:  My laid-back approach almost killed my daughter


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