Should I Call It Toddler Belly?


Just call me CoalMom!

So, my husband was just out of country for a little over 2 weeks due to an operation on his knee.  I know, I am SuperMom…If SuperMom means letting my children watch way too much television, eat too much fast food, all while I drink WAY TOO MUCH COFFEE!

If that’s the definition of SuperMom, than I was DEFINITELY SuperMom while he was gone.


Anyway, I also had to be CoalMom while he was gone.

If you have been an 2 Makes Crazy reader since I began writing, you’ll remember that I wrote once about the Cleanest Kids in America (if you missed it, click on the highlighted and enjoy, its title is Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater).  In it, I spoke of the duties of coal-living.

Now, to be very honest, my husband tends to only be out of country 1-3 months out of the year. So, technically, I don’t even see or touch or look at or smell or GO ANYWHERE NEAR the coal all of the other months.

But—on those occasions when he just isn’t STINKING around, I must traverse the dungeon (also known as our super dirty and dark basement) and find my way to the coal room.  And stoke it.  Twice a day.

It’s the epitome of dirty and a lot of really hard work.

But, if I choose not to accept this mission, our coal will burn out and our home will grow cold.  And, WORST OF ALL, we will have NO hot water.

Look…I can live without my husband and kids on occasions but NEVER.  NEVER can I live without 2 things:  Coffee and Hot Water.

I know—I am such a SuperMom 😉 (“Smile and wave, boys!  Smile and wave,” Madagascar quote)

And, because I do love my kids (I don’t only love hot water and coffee), I stoke the coal two times a day and keep our home warm and our baths bearable.

THE THING IS (and, yes, all caps were required), stoking coal is a LOT of physical work.

Like lots.

Like lifting 100-200 pounds a day.

I mean, you would think I would be bulging muscles right?!

And, I was truly hoping my baby belly would melt away in the process.

But then I began to think…Am I still allowed to call it a Baby Belly when my baby is now a 2-year-old toddler?

I think not.

So, my friends, I have decided that I no longer have my baby fat to get rid of.  From this moment forward, I’ll be writing posts on how to get rid of my toddler fat.

Okay—not really.  I won’t post away about that.  But I do believe that I must return to reality of the fact that—despite my age (40 in a month, baby!) and the fact that I have 2 toddlers (2 and 3 years of age) under my roof—I will no longer blame my muffin belly on my baby.  Because, in reality, she is toddler.

So, I will blame all of this excess waist (pun intended) on my toddler—and the fact that while the coal gives my arms big guns, it just doesn’t do a stinking thing for that toddler belly o’ mine 😉

Anyway, despite the Toddler Belly, I sure hope that you enjoy the entertaining video of my life…

xoxo b

Oh…And, yes!  Daddy’s back!  Playing Minecraft with #hisgirl, Sweet Adelyne!

daddysgirl and minecraft


4 thoughts on “Should I Call It Toddler Belly?

  1. Kudos Mama!! Our Deda’s cat (Mikajlo) in Serbia is always covered in soot in the winter from laying by the coal furnace. And the town stinks from all the coal burning. But it is a great heater! Good Job! Hope the hubby heals fast!

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    • YES! i hear you with the animals 🙂 our dogs are, too…only in the winter, of course. summer they are always outside. it is extremely warm. which is good for me, since i am desert rat and love tank tops and shorts (at least inside—in the winter). thanks for the kudos! hubby is remarkably able to walk decently well. so excited about that. the weight bearing will be a bit longer, unfortunately. ah well. so happy his knee will heal because we have toddlers. i need all the help i can get with those two. haha!

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  2. Hmmmm… so my “baby” is almost 9… so it’s no longer toddler fat even. Yikes!!! And I’m glad to hear your hubby left to have surgery on his knee. Mine had knee surgery here right after we moved (he fell literally 2 days after we arrived) and it was on the operating table that he found out the surgery was more involved than they lead him to believe. Not pretty!! Hope he’s recovering ok!

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