Peter Pan’s Shadow


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Remember that rascally shadow of Peter Pan’s?  The one that Peter has to chase…

Well, I was in the kitchen when I heard a bunch of “NO!” coming from my husband’s office (which is right next to the kitchen).  I looked in and saw my little 2-year-old, Josephine, standing on her daddy’s office couch trying to get rid of this stranger that was invading her space…

This pesky thing called her shadow.

It was so divinely cute that I hoped she would continue to play with her shadow until I found my phone and could record even a moment.

She did not disappoint and continued to try and persuade the shadow to leave, play hide and seek with it, and eventually extend her friendship to her shadow…

I love living through the eyes and experiences of my Littles.  Every day is a new day for new discovery!

Cheers to being more tired than I could possibly imagine—and yet happier than the birds in spring!


(Apparently I published quite the NON G-rated version of Peter Pan’s shadow earlier 😉   Sorry.  Picture has been deleted.  Hopefully forever.  I shall see.  I am not too cyber savvy).

2 thoughts on “Peter Pan’s Shadow

    • she still continues to play with it. when the lights are out, she goes to the wall and says, “SHADOW..SHADOW where are you?” and then i turn the lights for her and she says, “oh, there you are shadow.” it’s so fun. i shall miss when she grows 🙂

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