Time to Wash the Potatoes


Think of the tune from the famous (and delicious) “Time to make the donuts…” commercial and then say (instead) “Time to wash the potatoes…”

That’s the theme of our little village gal, Josephine Diane, today as she got to spend some time with daddy.

So, you see, we live in a village and they (meaning the farmers) just literally harvested the potatoes.  When you (not meaning me === meaning you in general === or, most likely, farmers) harvest potatoes, many potatoes remain on the ground.

It reminds me of the Biblical story of Ruth collecting the wheat that had fallen on the ground.

Anyhow, the potatoes remain scattered through the fields or pushed into rock piles.  Lots and lots of potatoes remain.

Wild animals, apparently, just don’t find raw potatoes their favorite.  Wheat?  Yes.  Cold and raw potatoes?  No.

So, after our neighbors harvest, we get to harvest.  (Insert woot-woot here!)

It’s a win for us and a no big loss for our neighbors that love when our Littles roam their fields scooping up the extras.

And what do you do once you gather your spuds?  Well wash them and make homemade fries, of course!

But—sometimes—potato gathering is so exciting that, after all is said and done, you can’t help but fall fast asleep with the mark of a great day all over your face 😉


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