My Little Amazing Bilingual Child Does It Again! Ada blogs at Kid World Citizen. Enjoy.

sweet adelyne

So when Rich and I decided to move to Poland in 2001, it was suppose to be for 2 years===teaching English.

Little did he know that he would be the pastor of a rocking International Church…or the founder of an international organization that’s sole purpose is to Rescue the Forgotten!

Both have rocked our world and changed our lives—but nothing compares to the adventure of parenthood—which came about by a rather miraculous little gal that we named Adelyne.

Our Sweet Cheeks.

Our Little Toots.

Our Ada girl…

Or, as she used to call herself, Nine-Nine (As in Adelyne via Toddler Speak!).

And today I present to you her second post that she has written as part of a series about a kid living life in Poland.

Nine years of age.  Our sweet Nine-Nine.

My little Bilingual Gal braving the world and writing about it.  One or two Polish cities at a time.

Hope you have a click.  A read.  And enjoy the adventures of our Sweet Cheeks, Adelyne Marguerite!

Poland for Kids Series:  Torun (written by Adelyne; photos by Adelyne; Mommy found a couple extra links) at Kid World Citizen

And here is her first post about Poznan and Gniezno (in case you missed it earlier).  Most photos taken by Adelyne or with Adelyne (except the photo of the Stary Rynek of Poznan—that was taken by me—her mommy!):  Poland for Kid Series:  Poznan and Gniezno

Now, as Ada says with each ending, “Do widzenia!”

Enjoy the reads!

xo for now,


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