No offense, Mom. I pretended like I was you last night… SAY WHAT?!

“Niney.  Niney girl, wake up!”  I said gently stroking her face.  Niney is what she has been called since she was a little one running around calling herself Nine-Nine.

“Niney.  Niney.  Why are all of your blankets on the ground?”  I prodded, as I continued to gently stroke her face trying delicately to wake the sleeping giant (She is NOT a morning person.  Which means enter her morning lair with extreme caution and soft words 😉 )

“No offense, Mom, I was pretending like I was you last night.”

“You mean—sleeping on the ground?!”


Friends—my kids have caught me.

This is what my life has come to…

My kids in what would (in far far far stretches of other worlds) be my dream…

Living as I lead.  Following my example.  Being like Mommy.


It’s just that is sometimes as far as I can make it…

And, apparently, my daughter finds this ONE thing to imitate???

“No offense, Mom…”

Yeah.  Right.

I have 3 offenses (Ada, Max, Jo)—and it was the chocolate, Coke, bag of chips, and late night TV that saved my sanity but kept me on the ground.

Ah well…At least she’s trying to be a bit like good ol’ mom, eh?????

No offense taken, Kid.

At least this time.

Now, clean up my mess!

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