Do You Have a Gifted Child?

Yesterday this article asking the question “Is your child Gifted?” crossed  my computer screen, intriguing me to read it.

But, of course, even before I read it—or you will read it—we all know that our children are Gifted.  Literally.  Gifted.

Our children, no matter the make up of their core being or not—our children AMAZE us.

When we have an infant and they literally do nothing but sleep—even their peaceful breathing is Gifted.

Literally.  Gifted.

I remember when my first niece was born.  We (being my mom, my sister-in-law, my sister, and I) would all sit and watch her sleep.

I think it is the only thing we did the entire afternoon once.

It was the best afternoon EVER!

Because there was a beautiful baby.   Alive.  Breathing.


As they grow or develop, they all develop differently and children begin to get measured by the outside world—outside of the sleeping comforts of safe walls inside.

And this is what the outside world has to say when measuring if your child is Gifted or not:

Signs of Giftedness

Characteristic Checklist for Gifted Children

I hope that you (after finishing my post, of course) enjoy the reads — I found them fascinating.  And my daughter fits the molds very much to the T of the articles you will read EXCEPT dominating her peers.  I am not sure where she would fall on that spectrum.  Does she dominate?  Does she participate?

We encourage her to be a team player, part of a whole, but, when something is being done that is wrong, to be a leader and not a follower.

As a typical kid, however, she tends to be both 😉

As I have two more kids following behind, it will be interesting to see which traits they do or don’t exhibit.

My second was without oxygen…Lots. But everything he does continues to amaze me.

My last was trying to tie shoes at 12 months.

Each kid is so unique and special and brings such different personality to the world, I look forward to the lives each of my 3 will lead—whether the world labels them Gifted or not.

After all, every night I still sneak into their rooms to cover them and simply watch them breathe.

Because that breath.  That breath is the true gift.

And it’s enough for me!

xo b

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