How are we doing? Not smiling all the time.

A little over a month ago someone wrote on a Facebook photo of ours, “There you are (as a family) smiling all the time.”

Hogwash, my friends. Plain and simple hogwash.

Just because we post our happy faces on Facebook does not mean we are smiling all the time.

I mean, really? Can we not have a place where we go to think happy thoughts and see smiling faces? That is one reason I love social media.

Another is to see troubled times so we know how to pray.

Both are unequivocally important. But neither mean our lives are either smiling full time or intensely sadly dramatic all the time either.

Life is both. Sometimes we display the smiles because they make us happy. Other times we share the struggles because we want others to “share the care”.

But what I can tell you is that Richard and I begin each day with the best of intentions to honor God and encourage one another.

This takes purposeful effort mixed with managed time. And, because of it, we are living life as fully as God is allowing us to handle and healing along the way.

I tell my husband nearly every day how much I like him. This is almost, or more so, as sweet as I Love You because it means I am so glad I am in his company. It wasn’t many years ago that I did not enjoy his company.

So, my crazy friends and readers, enjoy immensely the smiling times so that when the difficult times come along, you can have your photos of happy reminders that a rainbow looms around the corner just for you!

Xoxo from here to there,


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