Is that code?! When Men and Women DO NOT speak the same language


It was Saturday morning and I came into the kitchen.  One baby was in her crib.  The toddler in his highchair.  The 8-year-old eating breakfast at the kitchen table.

Everything was under control.  So I said, “I’m going to take a shower…”

My husband looked at me, with excitement in his eyes, and said, “Is that code?!”

I looked at him.  The “Like really?” look before saying, “Um.  Yes.  In fact, it was code for ‘Watch the children!'”

My husband, being a funny man, after getting over his initial disappointment said, “Blog that!”


And so we have it…

A blog posting of Man versus Woman.

In this story you should know…Woman won.

But man doesn’t stop trying 😉

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