“Greenhouse!” It is my husband and kids “safe” word. Lol?!


My husband shouts, “Greenhouse!”  and the hubby and kids go scattering in every direction.  Every direction except towards Mommy.  They find it hilarious.

I guess my lovely brother told my husband about using a “safe” word to use when Mommy is super cranky.  They simply say the word, it’s like code, really, and then everyone starts slowly backing away from Mommy until there is no one left in the room except Mommy.

And it is used during times when I, being that Mommy, am super duper cranky and there is no hope for any smiles in the presence of Mommy.

Well, my husband and kids just think this code thing is entirely too much fun.  Apparently I am far crankier than I realize.  Because, at random times, they will all of a sudden shout, “Greenhouse!”  and disappear.  So much for secretive code, eh?!  I have definitely cracked it.

And, oh, the giggles that ensue.

But, you see, there are times when I don’t deserve “Greenhouse!”  Like the time my husband only packed his toothbrush.

Elaborate?  I think I shall.

You see, we had just moved back from the USA to Poland, when my husband left me with 3 jet-lagged children and went to another city several hours away for multiple days.  I was not sleeping at all.  Maybe I was getting 1 to 2 hours every night because just as my infant was going to sleep my 2 year old and 8 year old were waking.  To use a Polish word, it was a straszne time for me and the 3 kids.

And then he, like my great knight, came galloping back into our lives, picking us up, and taking us back with him to the city several hours away where we then spent the next week.  It was still so tiring but also much better having another half with me to help out.

Finally we got back to our house for one day before we had to pack for the palace (I know, rough life 😉 ), when he went and did it!

“GREENHOUSE!  Greenhouse!  Greenhouse!”  It was like rapid fire, shrapnel flying in all directions.  My husband, trying with all of his might, to take cover.  Unsuccessfully.  He was definitely hit.  MASH got a visit from my husband that day.

Why?  Well, he packed his toothbrush for the palace.  The rest, he left for me to pack.

What?  You may ask now utterly confused.

Let me say it again, “He packed HIS toothbrush.”  The others he left, in the cup holder, for me to pack.  Like, seriously, how hard is it to pick up 3 more toothbrushes and put them in your shaving kit, right?!

Needless to say, the next trip we took out of town, the first thing my husband said was, “I packed ALL the toothbrushes this time,” while cowering and looking for cover.

My poor, beautiful husband that always tries so hard and does so much.

No wonder my family has a code word.

“Greenhouse, greenhouse, greenhouse!”



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