Parenting Mistakes? But I like to RAVE!


I just read a really good article on “7 Crippling Parenting Behaviors That Keep Children From Growing Into Leaders”.  I really enjoyed it.  It was concise.  As much as I tend to ramble in my writings, I appreciate “concise” in others.  Haha!  Two-way street in my world, eh?

Anyway…I really appreciate the reminders of what we, as parents, can do or not  do- becoming aware of how we can help mold our children into good leaders.

I have to, however, humbly disagree with a portion of the “Rave” aspect of the article.  I have a very non-competitive daughter that would NEVER receive a trophy if one was not given to her because that is the way the world rolls now.  And I am VERY thankful for it.

You see—she doesn’t receive podium status (1st, 2nd, or 3rd)…but she still gets out there and competes.  So I am glad that she receives accolades for even getting out there in the first place.

Will she ever win the tournament?

Heavens no!

But will she have fun and try hard anyway?

Heck ya!

So, I am okay cheering on my fledgling athlete.  I am okay telling her that her art piece is perfection.  And I am okay hugging her if she comes in last, telling her she was the BEST!

Because last is always better than not doing anything at all.

And did she have fun?

That’s all that matters to me.

I am okay if her daddy and I will always be her biggest cheerleaders in life.  Hopefully her “reality of our non-objectivity” will not suffer too many consequences.  I guess we shall see.

Anyhow…Like I said, it was a great article.  A great reminder.  And I am glad that I read it.  I definitely need perspective at times.

Perspective and Coffee.

Both, actually, all the time.

And—as any parent that puts God first would also say—

In the end, raise your children to not only be GREAT leaders—but, first and foremost, great men and women of integrity and a passion for Christ!

Both can co-exist in their lives.  Hopefully yours is proof of that.

Have a click and a read and perhaps you will leave with a bit of new perspective for your day, too!

God bless.

xo b

7 Crippling Parenting Behaviors That Keep Children From Growing Into Leaders

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