Happy Hooligans…

Well, many of you may know.  Many may not.

We return to Poland in one month.  EXACTLY.


Time is running out.

This is a super busy month for our family.  Not only are we packing up a home and preparing a container to send…

Not only are we trying to help our two littles overcome nasty breathing problems…

Not only are we seeing our daughter finish machine-pitch softball, junior chorus, and her 2nd grade school year…

Not only are we finishing our quarterly newsletter IMPACT for our foundation while running an international foundation…

Not only are we…

You get it.  The list is long and goes on and on and on.

But I am also starting to prepare my son’s 2nd birthday party.

He turns two in two weeks.  No.  He won’t remember it.  But I will.  His sister will.  His dad will.  His cousins will.  His grandparents will.

And, with that, I am looking—looking for inexpensive (we have ENOUGH expenses at the moment, eh?!) ways to have 2-year-old fun.

That is when I ran across this unbelievable gem.  Wait.  Let me say it again—GEM!

Please.  Don’t take my word for it—go here yourself and see!  It’s called the Happy Hooligans.  Here is her site:  http://happyhooligans.ca/

In about 1 hour of searching, I have found a gazillion brilliant and inexpensive ways for the kids to celebrate our Miracle Max as he turns two.  And they are all creative activities.  Outdoor.  And messy.  Messy, of course, is the best!

Now…in honor of my little unbelievably cute miracle’s upcoming 2nd birthday, I’d like to share a few of my favorite photos with you of my buddy as he prepares to exit his 1st year and enter his 2nd.

XO for now…happy hooligan hunting!









Why is he a miracle, you may ask…

Because he fought hard to make it into the world and even harder to stay here in the world.

Every day, because of our little man, we look at the rising sun with a new appreciation for this life God has given us.  It is a gift.  A fragile, fragile gift.  And no one knows how long it is given to us.  So, we celebrate!  And this May it’s our turn to celebrate him.  Maxwell.  Turning 2!  Time runs, friends.  Time runs!  Just like Maxwell.


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