The 2014 Easter Egg Hunt…She ran this time.

Well, if you followed a post that I did recently speaking of last Easter, you would recall that my daughter lazily and enjoyably sauntered last Easter, casually looking for eggs.

She had a blast—we worried she wasn’t getting enough eggs.  She taught us a valuable lesson that day on enjoyment and contentment.

But this year…

This year she was sure to beat her brother!  Get Ready; Get Set; Beat the 1-year-old to the Eggs; Go!

And she did.

The count at the end…

Adelyne:  19 eggs.

Maxwell:  10 eggs.

Josephine:  2 eggs.  The only 2 with her name on them (I guess Maxwell & Adelyne were not willing to give up their eggs, eh?!)

Momma even got an egg…A golden egg.  That Easter Bunny must like her?  Cuddle-cuddle!

Anyhow—we hope that first and foremost your Easter was full of Christ.




Easter egg hunts.

Much love to you from ours…xo b

First—the Easter Bunny came!  The little one (literally 1 as well), just thought it was the prettiest table he’d ever seen.

Sat there in awe…

DSC_0288Next…The Hunt.  Wee!









After breakfast, we had the BEST time reading the Bible and going through the Resurrection Eggs…


And, of course, out the door!  All 3 miraculously dressed for the celebration of His resurrection! (and it’s a miracle because if you know me—you know I don’t doll up)

adamaxjosieeasterNow, since it’s Great Monday, I hope that you all are avoiding the kids and staying dry!  I am sure that Poland is not.  Happy Smigus Dyngus, everyone!

5 thoughts on “The 2014 Easter Egg Hunt…She ran this time.

  1. Wiki i Alan nie znają “szukania jaj ” ale podoba im się to i chcą z Ada i Max i Jose szukać jaj w przyszłym roku 😉


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