World’s Toughest Job…Apply online?


It doesn’t matter if you know what the job is before you even click on the link and open up the article.  I knew by the title.  But knowing will not stop the waterfall of tears that will, and believe me they will, cascade down your cheeks.

It did not help that I was nursing my 3-month-old while reading and then watching.

Nursing, snotting, wiping away tears.

And thanking God above for the “toughest job” and having a previous “employer” who also accepted the position before me.

So, no matter where you are in the world…Whether you hold the position or you love the person that does, I hope you thoroughly enjoy the link.  It’s worth your time.

Here’s to your very own waterfall, while giggling to my favorite comment of the entire interview, “That’s inhumane!”

Watch and see.

Click here:  World’s Toughest Job!


After you read and watch the above link, here’s to let you know how I truly feel about my little “employees” !  Enjoy the throwback blog posting:  Catch my breath…Off she goes!

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