I decided to homeschool, and this is why…

Pottery Wheel Fun

Today, when she woke, Adelyne‘s cheeks were flushed red, her eyes glossy, and she was running a low-grade fever.  On top of that, she actually woke before me.  And, if you know my daughter at all, she became a teenager at birth.  Which means she has always loved her sleep and NEVER has been a morning person.  Usually we have to drag her out of bed-kicking, screaming, crying.  Kid you not.  So we knew our little Ada girl did not feel well, and we decided to keep her home.

We covered her up, put on an Odyssey, pumped her full of drugs—well, two to be exact (ibuprofen and a nasal decongestant), put a cold cloth on her head, Gatorade next to her bed, and kissed, cuddled, prayed for and loved on her.

Off my husband went to work.

And, what do you know, one hour later, my 8-year-old was up and bouncy and feeling oh so much better.  Of course.  After all, drugs do get sold for reasons such as these.

Now I had a month and a half baby girl, a one and a half  year old boy, and an eight-year-old girl all under my roof.  Awake.  Ready for attention.

Something else you should know—my daughter loves TV.  I probably instilled this love in her.  I am enthralled with imaginations and creativity.  Television is also a relaxing way to escape and veg.  Yep.  Maybe not always the most educational recreation, but a very relaxing one nonetheless.

So, of course, now that she is better and up and home from school, she wants to watch TV.


“Um, my precious girl, you do not get to stay home from school and watch TV.  Let’s figure out what you can do instead.”

Finish homework.


Write spelling words 5 times each and take practice test.


Finish chapter book (she reads a chapter book nearly every other day).



Let’s work on your pottery wheel.


150 piece puzzle.  Yikes!  What was I thinking?  That one was hard.


Your newest craft project?


Play Doh with your brother?

Ada & Max


Oh man.  I didn’t sit all day.  I entertained 3 kids (is that my job?) and didn’t even get to turn on my computer.  BUMMER!  I love it as much as television (smile and wink).

Adelyne and Maxwell were busy all day.  We did Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Arts and Crafts.

I watched them interact all day, and I loved it.

Precious.  Priceless.  Loving.  Fun.

My heart literally expanded.  I am not kidding.  I physically felt the expansion of my heart.

Love.  Endless, boundless love.

And so I decided.  I would homeschool my daughter.

I would forever keep her in my home, close to my heart, each and every day.  Forever.

She is growing too quickly.  Her life is sweeping past my eyes, much like the hair that is always sweeping across her forehead.  I never want to let go.

But, alas, I know she loves school.  She loves her friends.  She loves her clubs.

And, so, I will let her go.

To school.

Without me.

But I will always be close.

Wishing and wondering—does she want to be home with mommy, too?


Here is a link to a free Odyssey.  They put one free Odyssey out each day.  We love it.  Click on ‘Listen Now’ and it will take you to the last week’s listening schedule and free online adventures.


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