Doing that Something Special…


We had been married 5 years, 4 of those years being in Europe.  And at this point of our marriage I had fallen in love.  Not with my husband.

Well.  Okay.

So, I was still in love with my husband.  But I was also in love with…


European style.

You know.  Coffee that can best be described as syrup.  Not water.

Yep.  That’s the coffee I fell in love with.  Truly.  It had my heart.

And, apparently, my wallet.  Because one day my husband looked deep into my blue eyes and said, “Brooke, if I make you coffee every day will you stop going to the coffee shop every day?!”

I am still not sure if it was a question or a request.  Regardless of what it was, it was a BIG one.

Give up my daily coffee shop run?

Would he REALLY make me coffee every day?

Should I agree to this?

Finally I decided to give him, my husband, the green light of “Go for it.  Daily coffee, please!”

NINE years later, he is still handing me a cup of fantastic coffee EVERY morning.  That’s right, friends.  You heard me correctly.  Every morning.  Coffee.

And, you know what, Starbucks has nothing on him!

Iced, hot, black, white, latte, or cappuccino, frozen frappe, or even frozen chai with a shot of coffee…My husband has learned to make them all.

Now, I’m going to share with you the secret to such goodness (Am I talking about my husband or the coffee?  Both, I tell you!)

Key ingredients:

1.  Devotion.  It truly takes devotion to do something each and every day.  Kind-of like making sure your kids have food every morning, eh?  Maybe there are days when he doesn’t feel like it, but he does it.  Why?  Because he is a man honoring his word.

2.  Good coffee.  If I was going to “give up” good coffee, I wanted to make sure that I still got good coffee.  So we make sure to buy coffee that smells like paradise and, even if you drink it black, tastes like a slice of heaven.

3.  Love.  Have you heard the story of the mom that every day with every meal took a pinch of her secret ingredient from her tin on top of her fridge and put it her family’s meals?  Every meal.  Every day. And just before she, the mom, served the food, she reached into the tin and sprinkled the secret ingredient on the meal.  And every bite of every meal was scrumptious.  The secret ingredient also never seemed to run out.  It was amazing.  But this particular mom had one command, “Don’t ever, ever, ever look in the can!”

After she passed, her children took the can, with fond memories, and opened the lid.  They had no idea what the secret ingredient that completed every meal was, but they were about to find out.

And, what do you know.  When they opened the tin, it was empty, except for a piece of paper that lay at the bottom of it.

They picked it up and read the message, written in their mother’s handwriting.  It said, “Sprinkle everything with love.”

My encouragement for you today—Do something special.  And do it with love!

Just like my husband does when he makes me coffee.

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