Let’s be honest…


Let’s be honest.  As parents.

Come now…it can’t ONLY be me.

Let’s be honest.  As parents.

We do wish there were some days when our kids napped.  All day!

Literally.  All day.

Today would be one of those days for me.

I am ready for my newborn to nap.  All day.

I am ready for my 1-year-old to nap.  All day.

And I am ready for the school to call and tell me that my 8-year-old can spend the night.  In the library.  Reading.  All night.

And don’t worry about dinner or breakfast for her.  Because, after all, they have a cafeteria with loads of food.  Yes.  Lots of it unhealthy.

But, at this point, do I care?

Food is food.  She’ll survive.

Let’s be honest.  As parents.

Some days.   Some days.  Some days we really do have high hopes.

Oops.  Screaming baby.  Gotta go.

I guess today is not one of those days.

4 thoughts on “Let’s be honest…

  1. Oh boy to I know exactly how you feel! I have a 2 week old and a 4yr old and I would like it if we could ALL nap….like all day long!


    • absolutely true! good thing we have a digital age to help with the memories 🙂 yes. technically we live in poland. we were home for 6 months due to a totalization agreement with the us/poland. but then we found out we were pregnant with our little josephine. and so i stayed through the pregnancy here (i’ve been through a miscarriage and a delivery in poland and we nearly lost our son there—so when i found out we were pregnant, i decided that i would like to stay near family this round :)). but my husband did lots of traveling through my pregnancy until i got put on bed rest. i have some blog postings about poland. more will come when we return in june. here’s one that i wrote talking about our arrival in poland: http://wp.me/p3Bh9m-da hope you enjoy reading it! have a wonderful rest of the week, b


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