THIS Season in Life…

This Season in Life is spent in sleepless nights.

Touching the chest of a newborn to make sure she is breathing.

Taking random showers at odd times and feeling accomplished if I get my hair combed, clothes on, and remember deodorant (because, believe me, there were a couple times I forgot).

This Season in Life is full of caffeine.  Lots of it.

And comforting crying newborns.

And keeping little, toddling brothers from “applying” too much love to her soft spot!

This Season of Life is letting Daddy do Adelyne’s hair for school—and gratefully accepting it.

It is letting a 7-year-old pick out her clothes every day.  Despite the fact that, for the majority of the time, THEY DON’T MATCH!

It is feeding your 1-year-old hot dogs daily AND potato chips.  Because, right now, when he cries for them, he gets them (heaven forbid he WAKE THE BABY!).

This Season in Life is full of gratitude.

For God.  For my family.  For my friends.  For my husband.  And, especially, for my children.  Our brood of 3. 

Gratitude for sleeplessness and shower-less days.  For dirty diapers and mismatched clothes.   For messy homes and unkempt hair.

For in This Season of Life my heart is fuller.  My home is louder.  My time is less.  And my smile is bigger.

And until the next season of our lives, we will appreciate the crying babies, the double diaper duties, the messy 7-year-old, and the potato chip lunches.  Because, all too soon, this season will be over and my children will be older.  And I will spend my time wondering, with great nostalgia, where THIS season went…

And all I will have to remember it are fuzzy memories and photos stored on a digital card that I will have to remember to print—in my next season of life.


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