I could never claim my daughter…My husband is the winner.

Pretty much since she popped out 2 weeks late, my lovely daughter with my grandmother’s name, Adelyne Marguerite, has been the spitting image of her daddy.  Except lovely.  Although, when she was smaller, dressed in pink, and with flowery headbands on her head, I was always complimented on my “Strapping young boy!”

And I would smile and say, “Why, thank you.  But my strapping young boy is a girl.”

Ummm…how were the lace, pink clothing, and flowery headbands overlooked?  I’ll never know.

Here’s a couple pictures of my husband and daughter.  And the picture in the frame is my husband at nearly the same age as my daughter.  I do concede.  My husband wins my daughter.


adelyne and her daddy 017

They even sleep alike!

Now my son…He is not lovely.  Except when his sister dresses him up.  Like here:


But, for the most part, although he is named after two great paternal grandfathers and his own daddy, Maxwell Loren, I try to claim him as mine.  I’ll show you.  You decide.


Maxwell Loren


Brooke Heidi


Maxwell Loren


Brooke Heidi

Well.  To be truthful, you may tell me, in your kindest way possible, that I have lost both battles…My husband wins them all.

But when I see this…


I gladly report that we are both the winners!

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