A lion’s roar has nothing on my dog!

A lion’s roar can be heard up to 5 miles away.  My husband learned this during his lion park adventures and walk.  I thought that sounded quite extraordinary, but it’s true.  I looked it up.

Guess what else!  A whale’s can be heard hundreds of miles away…to attract a mate.  Obviously it’s not a roar.  We’ll save that for the lions. But it’s registered decibel levels are so loud that KISS has nothing on them.  Perhaps they’re the rock stars of the sea?

Impressive, eh?

I just hope that the female that answers the call isn’t too disappointed when she travels so far to meet that whale 😉

And, if she is, what does she do next?  Swim away?  Splash her tail?  Tune into a different radio station?  Tell him to kiss off?  Pun intended.


I am on an unnecessary role.

The real reason I brought you here today is to show you the pictures my husband took while on his lion’s walk in South Africa (yes, he physically walked just feet away from these wild beasts).  And to show you the absolute blast my daughter had playing with some rather big kitties…

Hope you enjoy!



ImageImageImagey ImageImageImage

(c.photos Richard Nungesser)

An amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience.  And they enjoyed every minute.  Rich said that when they were eating dinner that evening at this park, it was as if they were in surround sound—roaring surround sound.  He said it was deafening.  And a bit frightening.  But awe-ing to be sure.

No matter what, though…I am pretty sure that these impressive wild beasts have NOTHING on our own domestic beast.  Sierra.  Our Giant Schnauzer.

You see, Sierra’s been living at our home in Poland and being taken care of while we’re away.  But she was obviously very excited my daughter returned home…Witness it in her own rocking bark.

As for my daughter’s array of baseball helmet and getup.  She was just excited to be home and play with her stuff.  The helmet must have been missed, I suppose.

Oh, and here’ the link to other amazingly loud animals:


Hope that no matter where you are in the world,  you have a ROARING Friday!

Even if you have to put earplugs in…

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