Tomorrow I get to talk about Body Image to a crowd…Yes! I am serious.

Tomorrow I have the honor of speaking to approximately 70-100 women at a meeting called MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

The theme for the semester is:  Life—It’s a beautiful mess.  And my particular topic:  Body Image.

I am pretty sure that most of you have read my previous blog postings and are wondering…


(If you haven’t, here is a simple link to one that should make you giggle:

Well, it is a FAIR question.

How am I …the most nonchalant and make-up free woman in the world… going to talk about body image?!

And this is my answer.

I was a very skinny kid and even as a young adult (the Johnston metabolism alone gets the award for that).  And then I had my first child.  And with this glorious gift of a baby, I was also given other gifts.

Stretch marks.

Cottage cheese buttocks and thighs, aka my friend Cellulite.

Oh.  I can’t forget the double chin.

Never before in my life had I had a double chin.  I thought that was a gift reserved for old people…You know, not 30-year-old women.

In fact, I was so sure that my 50 pregnancy pounds were going to melt away once I delivered Adelyne that I brought normal clothes to the hospital until my sister sweetly informed me that I was still going to look 7 months pregnant after having said child.

Well—she was wrong.  I still looked 9 months pregnant after said child.  Because I am PRETTY sure I only lost 8 ½ pounds at that hospital.  And, yep.  That’s how much Adelyne weighed.

Anyhow, that is when REALITY quickly hit me.

I may have been a stick my entire life…But once I had that baby, I was no longer a stick but a fluffy piece of cotton.  Okay, who am I kidding.  I was a stuffed bear.  All squishy and cuddly.

And, you know what, that was okay.  Because I had a baby to cuddle in that fluff…And, eventually, some of that stuffing went away.

Did it go away because I refused to drink soda?

Heck no.

Did it go away because I refused to eat bread?

Heck no.

Did it go away because I turned down desserts?

Um…Do you even know me at all?


Some of it eventually went away because I ate proportionately.  I ate well.  I went on walks with my daughter and husband.  And because I did not stress.

I never even wore a girdle or those Spanx things, although perhaps I should have?

Sure, there were the times when my muffin top looked a little too realistic.

But that was okay.  Because my muffin top was simply a reminder that I had baked a muffin. 

And I much preferred my muffin to my Size 4 jeans (which have long, long, long ago been donated to our clothing closet in Poland).

You know…Tomorrow I will go and speak on Body Image.  I am the least qualified to talk on the subject.

But I am greatly qualified to talk about Life…It is a beautiful mess.

And our body image. Truly, it should not be defined in Size 4 jeans.  Or muffin tops.  Or double chins.  Not even in cellulite.  We should rest in who we are in the Body of Christ.

And that, my friend, should make us BEAUTIFUL.

1 Samuel 16:7

…but the LORD looks at the heart.


Before Pregnancy


After Delivery…Looking 9 months, baby!

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