2 thoughts on “Never Underestimate the Power of a Daddy…

  1. Brooke I have enjoyed reading your blogs. Glad I found it. Glad to know Richard and the team are home safe. Love the pictures of you and the kids. I didn’t know you were expecting again. Congratulations to all.
    Sally from Intouch mailing group. I also taught at Rhodes when Richard was there.


    • thank you so much! yes, we are very excited. we were very cautious about sharing about our little baby belly for many, many, many weeks because our last two pregnancies were very difficult 🙂 but this little gal seems to be doing well. i, too, am thrilled rich is home safe. i know it was an amazing time. he heads back to africa in a week…and then to poland. this time, however, he’s bringing adelyne with him. so, mommy and maxwell will have a month of bonding time while rich and adelyne have their own special month of bonding time (they’ll be gone for 1 month). thank you for all that you do! god bless, brooke, rich, ada, max, and belly josephine


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