Freeze!  Don’t be speaking like a fool…

This is my first time penning my thoughts in 5 minutes with 5-minute Friday.  Today’s topic is Worship.  I have 5 minutes to freely write on this topic.  So here goes nothing…I probably won’t do so well at it.


You see…

I once was utterly foolish.  I spouted off my mouth without thinking.  And sometimes it got me heard.  And sometimes it got me far.

And then, one time, I went too far.

Yes.  I was heard.  But I also did the listening this time.  And what I also heard was not wisdom===it was folly.

I felt the fool.

No.  I was the fool.

And so I chided myself-you know, we’re never too old to chide ourselves-I chided myself and said, “Brooke (I speak 3rd person to myself), who are you to think that your words are 1.  Wise 2.  Worth hearing?”

It’s funny.  Sometimes I don’t listen to myself.  It is a bad habit you pick up when you always think you’re right.  You don’t have to listen or reply because you already know that everything that comes forth from thine lips is worthy to be heard by masses.

But this particular day, I grew up.  I reheard my words.  I realized.

I was a grown woman speaking as if I was a child.

And I sounded ridiculous.

This was just one of the times when I realized that more often than not I worshipped my words, my thoughts, my opinions far more than I even appreciated what others had to say.   And, worse yet, what God might be trying to say.

Well, the day when I finally listened to my words and to God, do you want to know what verse He shared with me?

It’s humbling…here goes:

“The fools find themselves wise in their own eyes.”


I’ve really made an effort since that day to realize that my words really are not worthy unless they are full of worship for God.  And for edification of others.  And for helping through the difficulties of life.

But, unfortunately, I was way too grown before I came to that conclusion…I spent too many years the fool.

(End of 5 minutes)

*Boy, that was hard to write quickly*

Five Minute Friday

2 thoughts on “Worship…

  1. First of all, welcome to FMF. You definitely belong here.

    I LOVED this post! Here’s where I often insert something encouraging/thoughtful/kind because the ladies who blog here are sweet and that’s what we’re supposed to do. Instead, I’m going to need some time to chew on these thoughts you’ve inspired, so I might just babble a little bit. I am convicted. I definitely relate. Your words are funny and sincere and eloquent, so I don’t mind the kick in the pants so much. Thank you!


    • thanks…i am not sure how often i’ll join 5 minute fridays, but this was a fun challenge. thanks for the topic of worship—it was a great reminder to me to watch my words and make sure that the one i worship remains god. the world is quick to tell us that we should look out for number 1—ourselves. but i wholeheartedly and gladly disagree. #keepingHim#1! blessings for your site and your work! b


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